Fitness trainer reveals her VERY SIMPLE five-minute fitness challenge – and the number one guideline for losing weight in 2022

Rachel Dillon, an Australian fitness coach, has published her latest cardio challenge. In an Instagram video, the 28-year-old explained the exercise suggestion.

• The task is suitable as a warm-up and takes just over five minutes to complete.

• It consists of four increments of 15, 30, 45, and 60 seconds.

To kick off the new year, a personal trainer has unveiled a daily fitness challenge that gymgoers may include into their routines.

Rachel Dillon, from Queensland, Australia, posted a video on Instagram of herself running on a treadmill and detailed the challenge, which takes just over five minutes to complete.

The fitness test consists of four cycles of 15, 30, 45, and 60 seconds.

Aussie personal trainer Rachel Dillon (pictured) has shared a new cardio challenge for 2022 

Rachel began the video by running for 15 seconds, then taking a 15-second pause, followed by 30 seconds of running and a 30-second break.

She repeated this for 45 seconds and one minute till the challenge was finished.

She suggested completing the challenge two to three times a week to increase your cardio and aid in weight loss.

Rachel advocates ‘cycles’ of eight to 12-week trail periods when starting a new fitness plan to ensure your body adapts to diverse training types for best results.

She also stated that you can lose weight without lowering calories if you boost your workout.

‘You may alter your energy balance by modifying your physical activity levels,’ she stated online.

Rachel emphasized that it’s critical to make modifications to your routine that are “sensible and sustainable.”

Treadmill Cardio Challenge

‘Do not worry about ‘burning off’ everything you eat, and never, ever use exercise as a punishment for enjoying a wonderful meal. ‘Think of these modifications as small, controlled, and achievable tweaks to your routine,’ she advises.

‘Second, estimating energy expenditure during exercise might be tricky. This means that, in general, controlling your food intake is a more straightforward strategy to achieve a calorie deficit.’

When it comes to losing weight, Rachel recommends thinking about ways to enhance your cardio, such as adding more walking to your day or scheduling an extra gym session during the week.

‘Last but not least, the most significant contributor to your energy expenditure is actually the stuff you do on a daily basis outside of regular workouts!’ She stated.

When wanting to lose weight, Rachel suggested considering how to increase your cardio – such as incorporating more walking into your day or an extra workout session during the week

‘Add modest increments of extra exercise by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking a little further away from your workplace, or doing some extra gardening.’

‘This will boost your overall energy expenditure each day, putting you in a calorie deficit.’

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